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Warriors Land
Warriors Land
Warriors Land
Warriors Land

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Warriors Land is a unique massive multiplayer RPG game, created exclusively for Google Assistant users.
Play on your smart speaker, smart display and your phone.

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What players say

"Definitely worth playing if you like: Adventure, Exploration, Quests, Exciting voice game experience. Control your warrior with the power of your voice."
"It's great to see a game that pushed what voice can do. So much to explore and do 👌"
"Very fun and adventurous! My son and I enjoyed this on our Google Home Mini. The companion map that is emailed is a wonderful contribution to the adventure. 10/10"
Warriors Land Map

Immerse yourself in a massive fantasy world

Move in four directions and find hidden gems on the map. Enter The City of Fortune, trade with Goblins and meet the Queen of Elves. Dozens of micro adventures are waiting for the bravest warriors.


Once you're in the game, ask to see the map.
You can locate and track your Warrior's position in real-time.

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Warriors Land creatures

Defeat your enemies and become The Great Emperor of Warriors Land

Your ultimate goal is to find a way to the Emperors Castle and defeat him in one-to-one battle. The journey to get there won't be easy! Evil creatures and other warriors are plundering the land...

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Warriors Land Map

Build your character!
Gain strength, gold and prestige

Warriors Land is a survival of the fittest richest. Win fights with creatures to earn gold. Steal from other players. Win in competitions. Every move in Warriors Land counts towards your prestige - best warriors will earn their position on the Warriors Leaderboard (Warriors Leaderboard coming soon)

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Warriors Land Map

The game is always on

Leaving the game will automatically save your status, but you may be prone to attacks from other players. They may attack your camp while you're away and steal your hard-earned gold... The more players engage in the game, the bigger your chance of taking it back!

Would you call yourself a warrior?

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